License Types

As part of our print designs we offer Non Exclusive and Exclusive licences for textile prints.

  1. Non Exclusive Design (Both Basic and Premium products): Licence is for worldwide perpetual use, multiple downloads and may be modified. Unlimited production under this licence.
 Basic files are not able to be manipulated, while premium non-exclusive files are supplied in high res files which can be manipulated and altered.

  2. Exclusive Design: Licence is purchased once and cannot be resold if used in any way. Ready in high resolution AI, PSD, TIFF or PDF file and can be modified for worldwide and perpetual use. Exclusive designs are protected on this site for copyright purposes. For this reason, you must be an accepted member in order to view exclusive designs.

Designs (“Designs” include advertisements in digital file form such as textile print designs, garment designs, pattern making designs and any other design where the purchased good in question is made up of a digital file) may not be sub-licenced or resold, shared between multiple users or duplicated in any way. Texstyled will provide purchased print content in a downloadable high resolution AI, PSD, TIFF or PDF format. The Design is sold “As is” and neither Texstyled nor the designer shall be liable for any lost data or content, lost profits, business interruption or for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary loss or damage arising out of or relating to the Designs. These licences grant the Buyer the right to use, copy and modify the Design in any format including digital and hard copy and produce garments with the reproduction of the designs adhering to the specifications set out in this agreement. The Buyer may not exploit either directly or indirectly the designs Copyright or transfer the licence.

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