Unfortunately there are scammers using the Internet, most based overseas making it very difficult to track them down and prosecute. As such it’s important to educate yourself and be aware of the types of things to look out for. If you think you’ve encountered a scam that doesn’t match in to any of the below examples then please contact us so that we can update this section of the site and keep people informed.


If you are contacted via text message and asked to email the person then in all likelihood this is a scam. It is designed to get around security procedures so do not respond.

If you receive a text message where the sender is labelled as "Texstyled", this is also likely to be a scam. The scammer is attempting to contact you via an anonymous web-SMS service, where you can manipulate the sender's details. Texstyled will never send you a text message via SMS.


Be aware of last minute changes from potential buyers that require you to pay for delivery. If you are asked to pay for a courier and the buyer says they will add it to the cost of your product then don’t, it’s a scam.


If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. If a seller will only contact you by email, their phone doesn’t work, they only accept payment via western union or paypal or they are overseas then unfortunately that bargain you’ve found doesn’t really exist. Report this listing to be removed from the site.



If something sound too good to be true, it probably is

Do not pay any money if you are the seller

Do not respond to text messages asking you to contact them via email

Control the transaction. You decide payment and transport details

Talk to the buyer/seller. A scammer will avoid talking to you

There is no such thing as a Texstyled 'Verified Trader'

Do not trust documents sent to you via email. Fraudulent copies of paypal or western union documents are easy to create.

If you are in any doubt, contact us

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