Where will activewear go from here

September 05, 2016
Where will activewear go from here

Activewear now has its own category in the fashion industry. Stretchy leggings, compression garments and funky crop top gym garments are now cool and part of everyday life. Many brands like Lululemon have benefitted greatly from the boom that has hit the once small niche market and their sales have increased drastically with brand values soaring.

Activewear has been a rare gem in an otherwise sluggish clothing industry but now many reports don’t just suggest a lower price point but also to a saturated industry. Sales of Lululemon are finally losing steam, while department stores and fast fashion retailers like H&M push further into sportswear. It seems like everyone has their own activewear line, and with increased competition retail prices are coming down.

It is still quite unlikely that people will shun comfortable, stylish activewear. What is more likely, the segment will become a staple category rather than a growth category. Activewear makers are going have to be innovative and responsive to market shifts and listen closely to their consumers and influencers. New materials, sustainable fabrics, new features and high fashion patterns will all become important aspects that makes one brand stand out in an increasingly competitive activewear market.

Emerging companies like L'urv have been quick to present consumers with gorgeous, stylish products that look great on. Gone are the days when there were easy sales for lacklustre brands. Brands need to adapt and inspire like L'urv to keep their share of the active market.

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