The Dress Collective by Claire Goldsworthy

September 05, 2016
The Dress Collective by Claire Goldsworthy

By Claire Goldsworthy

The Dress Collective is the largest online store that sells only 100 per cent Australian made fashion. We're transparent about the garment lifecycle, which is why you'll find each designer's story attached to every single garment we sell. Where and how our clothes are designed and made is important information, and we want to share it with you. Our ethos is simple: to create a liberal and dynamic future for Australian fashion. By promoting ‘slow fashion’, Australian made fashion, and ethically and sustainably created fashion, we’re ensuring a future for our own industries. We want to create a market that our Australian fashion designers can thrive in, instead of struggle in. We're more than just an online shop for Australian designers though; we're a support network and creative foundation, built on a vision of positive and sustainable growth for the future of the Australian fashion industry. We’re not solely focused on 'trends' or seasonal collections, because it can sometimes create the ideal of ‘past season’ or ‘out of fashion’. Instead, we’d rather help you make long-term decisions about your wardrobe by introducing you to high quality, trans-seasonal and unique pieces of clothing.

That Dapper Chap

The Dress Collective's range of fashion designers and independent labels embody the Australian fashion identity, an identity that is innovative and unique. We believe in quality over quantity, so all of our designers ethically produce their collections locally in Australia with accredited manufacturers. You can read about each designer, their ethos and how they create their pieces here. 67.5 million tons of clothing is made and released into the world every single year, and Australia’s contribution to the world’s 'fast fashion' problem is sending over $500m worth of clothing to the tip annually. To combat this environmental issue, The Dress Collective promotes 'slow fashion', so you can shop online with a clear conscience knowing that you're making a difference. Our Australian fashion labels produce small run collections or 'make to order', which means they are actively reducing production waste and fashion pollution.

I want to live in a world where locally made, ethically manufactured and sustainably sourced clothes are ‘normal’ instead of niche, so I launched The Dress Collective in 2015 as the first step towards this goal. When you shop online at The Dress Collective, you’re not just supporting the local fashion industry – you’re contributing to a better fashion future on a global scale. Making conscious fashion choices is easy: buy less, choose well and shop local. Every garment counts." See more from Claire and her side project The Fashion Advocate

Thank you to the Council of textile and fashion for the editorial contribution!

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