How to shop Texstyled

February 14, 2017
How to shop Texstyled


Texstyled is home to the world’s best textile design studios. We carefully curate our store in line with the most recent trends by well known trend forecasters. Shop and browse through thousands of prints for sale from the best print studios around the world. We bring you the most gorgeous range of floral, tropical, geometric, abstract, paisley and many more prints by studios from Tokyo, Copenhagen, Sao Paolo, Milano, London, New York, LA and Bondi Beach.


To respect the intellectual property of our designers and studios we allow only real buyers the chance to view the prints, thus there is a vetting process for all new users of the site. Once we understand that some users are not there to buy, we will restrict their access to protect the integrity of the platform and of our designers.


Once you have joined Texstyled, you will be able to buy any of the prints on the site. Use the searchable database to: -Shop by your preferred categories -Browse by Studio -Sort prints by the most recent arrivals -Be Inspired by our latest trends -To purchase, you can checkout and pay through PayPal or with your credit card.

If I need my design in repeat?

Please email and we will do our utmost to help.

What file type will I receive?

For Exclusive designs you will usually receive the layered Photoshop file (PSD) or an EPS or AI file which will enable you to utilise the design in the way you see fit. Not all Exclusive designs come with layers or in repeat. Once you have purchased a design you will be able to download from a link that will be sent to your email address.

Which currency do you use?

All of the products on our website are in United States Dollars. In the future we will be adding a multi currency feature.

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